Wild About
Forest Park

Our Guiding Principles

The Coalition to Protect Forest Park is comprised of people just like you who love Forest Park. We are guided by the top four management goals of Forest Park. They are unlike any other in any city park in the U.S. In 1995, they became law. Today, these goals and the land use laws that protect Forest Park’s unique qualities are at risk of being ignored and altered by Portland’s civic leaders.

Forest Park’s top management goals:

  1. The protection of Forest Park’s ecological health – its native wildlife, habitat, and vegetation – is Forest Park’s paramount management goal.
  2. All forms of recreation must be passive in nature.
  3. Forest Park is set aside to provide citizens opportunities for quiet, reflective, spiritual experiences and rejuvenation, in an environment dominated by nature.
  4. Trail management must promote safe use. All visitors should feel safe when using park trails.

"Forest Park is a natural sanctuary – a place for mental and spiritual renewal and refreshment."
John Charles Olmsted, 1903